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No More Heroes...[!?]

Greetings all! A fairly quick update today. I am excited to announce a big change for ignition:core that will improve the experience for you all by removing Heroes from the game. I will explain below.

Up until now the 'Hero' role was a single optional slot in the Armored Fireteam force structure. It required that both players have a Hero mini for their faction, and the desire to play a game that included them. Further, the infantry teams for each faction had little to no options for customization. Lastly, the Hero models were about as powerful as all three other infantry minis combined. This was fun, but threw the game balance off.

Now, 'Heroes' will be combat specialists that can be included in your infantry team to expand and balance their capabilities. Does your Oni Fireteam need an edge in removing your opponent's infantry models? The Scout Sniper's Shinigami Sniper Rifle comes with a higher CRIT yield than the Standard Issue Hiryu Grenade Launcher and the Anti-Personnel special rule. (Headshots anyone?)

Two of our 50mm based Heroes have moved over to the Support Mech role.

Witch Rosie serves as a mobile repair platform (for any faction), keeping your mechs up and running, while bringing ammo resupply to all units, and even dishing out damage to enemies when needed.

Meanwhile, the Battle Maiden is a powerful support model, giving both passive buffs and extra actions/movement to the Valkyrie Einherjar infantry. Her ‘Dáinsleif’ Drone Swords can deal respectable volumes of damage too, quickly building up a powerful Blade-Beam shot.

These are just a few examples of the changes. As always, updated datacards are 100% free to download here. And you can build out and customize your Armored Fireteam here.

More exciting things are coming to ignition:core in 2023. You can also follow along on Discord, Facebook and Instagram. Thank you for reading and stay tuned!

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