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About Ignition Core Games

Ignition Core Games is a small, veteran owned and operated company in the United States, consisting of one in-house developer and a small team of freelance artists and sculptors. Being a small company comes with many challenges, but we are tackling them head on to bring you the best product we can, at the best prices we can offer.

Our namesake game, ignition:core, is just one of the game projects we have in the works. As a brand new company, producing in resin is our only viable option at this point. As a tradeoff, we are taking a small-batch approach to our games, putting a high emphasis on the quality and detail of our miniatures, while creating a game system that offers a rich and rewarding experience without requiring players to own massive amounts of miniatures.

This allows us to offer you the full experience of our games, at a fraction of the price of most commercially-available tabletop wargames and skirmish games, even those with the capital and structure to produce injection molded plastic minis. By design, our games thrive at low model counts. We even provide our rulebooks, data-cards and updates for free. Once you have one of our miniatures, you will have all rules and updates for life, no exceptions. Other companies may charge for update supplements to keep your minis current. We will not.

As a small U.S.-based business, we choose to support other small domestic businesses, producing all our miniatures at a U.S.-based resin caster. You can support us and our future releases by buying our miniatures in the webstore here.

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