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     This is the desert world of Isalia. Our people came here eons ago, children of the great crystal that lies beneath the sand... as the ages have risen and fallen, wars fought and won, many have come and gone. In all the struggles, all the different peoples of this world, all their revenge and remembering, one thing endures: the pilots. 

Ignition:Core tech broke the 'mech trade wide open. That was centuries ago. But all the guns on Isalia don't mean squat without someone to pull the trigger. So we pilots found our place, our value... and there's always work, always a new battlefield, always a new vendetta. There are SIX primary organizations that have the power and skill to assemble, deploy, and pilot IGNITION:CORE mecha. As an IGNTION:CORE player, you will choose one of these warring factions and fight for its destiny and supremacy...

Holy Paladin front_edited_edited.jpg


Guardians of a mysterious relic called the Eden Core… self-perceived keepers of regional peace

-Shields, defensive fighting, honor-bound, coordinated tactics


A syndicate of territorial cut-throats who have chosen a darker path to power

-Heavy weapons, overwhelming firepower, and shock tactics


A shared consciousness of synthetic beings who fight to selflessly preserve regional balance

-Frontal attack methods, melee combat

Valkyrie Special pose_edited.jpg


Hybrids of magic and technology that who wage war from the shadows

-Heavy weapons, overwhelming firepower, and shock tactics


For-hire mechanics and pilots who fight to keep Isalia free of tyrants

-Cutting edge technology, customized mecha, and digital warfare specialists


Remnants of an ancient race, far older than mortal peoples, compelled to reclaim this world

-Mutations, feral combat style, and a hunger for the destruction of all


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