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The Daimyōjin Syndicate

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

The Daimyōjin Syndicate

For the bloodline, for the family

The Syndicate is an organization formed from several ancient clans under the Daimyōjin monk's religious guidance to protect the self-interest and the territory of their former nation. The elder leadership (Patriarchs) issue the edicts that all clans are bound to obey, and the younger leadership (Captains) ensure compliance throughout The Syndicate as a whole. While members of the syndicate's highest echelon are related either through blood or arranged marriages, the majority of the syndicate's range of upper, middle, and lower ranked clan members (Kyodai) are drawn from warrior castes, civilians and peasants within their dominion, inaugurated and bound by a blood oath to the clan they serve.

Freelance mech pilots who ally with The Syndicate must take a similar, but less strict, oath and are held to the Daimyōjin code of conduct in all matters. However, such pilots are considered Ronin and do not owe fealty to any specific clan unless they swear in fully as Kyodai. Should they do so, the pilot must renounce his Ronin status and take the blood oath with one of the clans (most commonly the clan that chooses the pilot, though sometimes a Ronin pilot's combat prowess is so great that they may have their own choice as to which clan they join, typically vetting competing offers for allegiance from several clans).

The Daimyōjin Monks recognize the Eden-Core as part of a powerful deity outside of their own Kami-No-Michi (way of the gods) religious teaching. As such, The Syndicate as a whole is compliant in showing the Eden-Core the reverence the Daimyōjin Monks demand. However, many of The Syndicates younger elites scoff at traditions and ancient beliefs that they view as outdated, and care little—if at all—for any religious significance of the Eden-Core itself. Thus, the Ignition-Cores remain one of the primary reasons for the growing division and subterfuge amongst the clans, even though the clans see the Ignition-Cores as a powerful means to protect their land and people.

Inside The Syndicate, yakuza-like sub-factions have emerged trafficking various black-market items to include an illegal surplus of Ignition-Cores, as well as synthetics (Valkyr Synths are highly valued due to their built-in military programming and algorithms). These sub-factions see value in exploiting the resources of Isalia, regardless of the long term consequences. These sub-factions have learned that the closer to the Valkyr’s garrison that they raid, the less likely it is that any Syndicate traffickers will survive the reprisal. However, the traffickers are becoming wise to this and have begun targeting isolated Valkyr raiding parties to capture Valkyrs. The Patriarchs, and the more altruistic of the Captains, find these activities distasteful and bad for public order, but have not moved to prevent it as of yet.

As viewed by other factions:

The Order: Recognizes that The Syndicate seeks to maintain stability over its surrounding populace but realizes, ultimately, many of the clans are growing increasingly more power-hungry, left unchecked. Particularly as the old guard (Patriarchs of the Daimyōjin) die out, their younger protégés (Captains) assume their positions. With each new generation, The Order seems to favor less diplomacy and more force as The Daimyōjin Syndicate grows more ambitious.

The Valkyr: (Freyja) sees the Syndicate as a growing threat to the Eden-Core's harmony, which has led to increasing confrontations with the Syndicate. Another contention point is that Freja is aware that The Syndicate sees the Valkyries as machines to be sold and seeks to capture them whenever the opportunity arises. When the latter happens, the Valkyr attack with unbridled fury using all available military forces nearby, refusing to give ground until their captured sister(s) is recovered.

The Insurgency: See The Syndicate as faithless exploiters of the Eden-Core and run continuous guerilla operations against them, amassing (supposedly) untold amounts of collateral damage to the point that The Order has allied with The Daimyōjin Syndicate against the Insurgency, to maintain regional stability on several occasions.

Writing credits: William Neill, Terrance Mobley. 2021

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