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Required items for ignition:core

Updated: Mar 6

Greetings all. Here I will coverwhat you need to get your ignition:core minis to the gaming table. First it's recommended you download the core rules and the datacards for your faction. You'll also want to snag our ever-growing mission pack, filled with many different scenarios for ignition:core You can download those for free here.

You should print out your unit datacards as they double as trackers for wounds and ammo. The rules can be downloaded to your laptop or tablet for reference if you prefer not to print out everything. We also include free printable 3D paper terrain. This prints out very well on light matte cardstock and brings the battlefield of ignition:core to life in a rewarding way.

From there you will need to assemble your Freelance Armored Fireteam from one of the factions available. ignition:core is a two player game by default, so two Fireteams will be needed to play. We have several two player sets here.

(Single player faction sets are also available too)

These single player bundles are good options if you already have a friend who plays ignition:core and you don't need two fireteams to start out.

In additional to the miniatures offered in our webstore, you will need some common gaming items not sold on our store, listed below.

•10-sided dice (D10s) 3 per player (6 total).

•8-sided dice (D8s) At least 8 total.

•A method for tracking ammo and damage (so you don't mark up your datacards). We use an additional 10 D10s and 30 six-sided dice (D6s) but you can use whatever method works best for you/your gaming group.

•An official Ignition Core Game Mat or a wet erase gaming mat (with wet erase markers) with at least 24x30 25mm squares, or a gaming surface with at least 24”x30”.

Designer’s note: By default ignition:core is played on a 24x30 square board, but it can be played on a wargame style open board. In this case ‘squares’ are converted to ‘inches’ for all movement, range and measurement purposes.

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