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The World of Isalia

From the written histories: Millenia ago, a piece of Heaven fell to Earth, a single shard of dense crystal saturated with the Creator's wisdom and power. It was enshrined below the temple in a large, subterranean cathedral, and a prosperous civilization grew around it seemingly overnight. At the top of the temple the Babel tower grew, as if daring to reach Heaven… Then suddenly this civilization vanished from all written history. Historians place the location of this crystal’s descent in the desert plains of Isalia, a barren wasteland that sustains no life.

"Welcome to the colonies, Pilot!“ Emerging from the back of a dingy workshop, a young woman in worn coveralls greets you with a tired smile...

“Lots of freelance soldiers out here, willing to fight for the right price.” She looks down, almost wistfully, at her shiny prosthetic arm. “Government contracts, Yakuza dirty work, even poor farmers will pay what little they have for some safety. Skilled Mech Pilots can make a lot of money out here. More if their morals are... negotiable.” For a moment, her eyes appear hopeful as they lock with yours. “It makes me wonder, who you’ll fight for. Regardless, you’ll need help if you want to work contracts in Isalia. Plenty of soldiers for hire at the Freelancers Guild.” Welcome to Isalia, a land of conflict set in the world of ignition:core. There are many job opportunities for you here. The more lucrative opportunities might be less appealing to the more altruistic types, however profitable they may be. But there are many poor folks looking for mercenaries willing to fight, for justice… and the right price!

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