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The Valkyr Garrison

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

The Valkyr Garrison

Awaken Valkyrie

Rise to your duty

Take up your lance, your ax, your sword

For the mission, for the balance

Arise, and be unleashed upon this world.

Freyja is a self-aware computer that remains in a state of constant synchronization with the Eden-Core, constantly monitoring the Eden-Core's well-being. It is because of this direct connection to the Eden-Core, that Freyja sees the Eden-Core as an instrument of power that must remain in a state of harmony or balance.

The central relic of Isalia, the Eden-Core, is essential to preserving life in the region, and is capable of protecting itself by unleashing a host of angelic robots known as Virtues. Freyja's prime-directive is to prevent the Eden-Core from mobilizing the 'Virtues', in order to prevent the catastrophic indiscriminate wide-scale destruction they would cause.

Thus, Freyja created a race of synthetic lifeforms, living biomechanical beings known as the Valkyr, with their sole purpose to prevent the corruption of the Eden-Core's harmony. When a threat is detected, a Valkyr raiding party is sent to neutralize this threat immediately. In this, the Valkyr are ruthless, attacking with such savage efficiency that all but the most hardened warriors are disheartened and broken soon after the assault has begun, only to be cut down by the Valkyr as they flee in terror.

However, unlike the Eden-Core's Virtues, the Valkyr strike with precision to eliminate the current threat to the Eden-Core minimizing collateral damage and innocent causalities.

Valkyr as viewed by other factions:

The Order: Acknowledge all life is sacred. Officially, this includes even synthetic lifeforms. In their doctrine, once a being is conscious, the Creator has imbued it with a soul, and that being's life is to be respected and valued. The Order also recognizes that the Valkyr have no goal other than to maintain the Eden-Core's harmony and view this as their way of honoring the Creator. Thus, the Order views the Valkyr not as an enemy but a danger only to be aware of when dealing with the


The Syndicate: Commonly see the Valkyr just like any other synths, machines, or tools, with no fundamental human rights. The Patriarchs believe that, despite this, the Syndicate should leave them to their own devices, as they are harmless to the innocent. The more unsavory members of the Syndicate have been known to engage in synth trafficking and are not above repurposing a captured Valkyr to be sold via underground channels... (for what purposes?)

The Insurgency: Seem to attack the Valkyr viciously. It is common belief that they see the Valkyr and all synths not as living or sentient beings but as absolute abominations, blasphemous insults to

the Creator to be destroyed on sight without hesitation.

A recent audit of Order records seems to indicate something curious. 'A bystander who (by rare happenstance) witnessed a firefight between the Hashashin and the Valkyr reported the following: The Hashashin Insurgency's response to the Valkyr assault appeared completely impersonal, and they recovered the fallen Einherjar with reverence, retrieving their 'bodies' with a kind of care reserved for that of a fallen brother or sister. By all our teachings, I could neither recognize, nor understand this.' ~Uncovered by Scribe Palos of the Shields of Isalia, 8th Chronologist Corps

Writing credits: William Neill, Terrance Mobley. 2021

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