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The Hashashin Insurgency

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

The 'Hashashin' Insurgency

There is one creator, and the Eden-core is his gift.

The true motivations of The Insurgency remain mysterious, though they are seen by many as a highly religious organization. The Hashashin appear to follow strict doctrines that revere the Eden-Core as a sacred piece of The Creator. Unlike the other military forces on Isalia, the Hashashin have a limited number of Ignition-Cores and mechs at their disposal, forcing them to utilize hit and run guerilla tactics.

Most of their ambushes seem to involve attacking sub-factions within The Syndicate who have overextended their reach on the limited number of Ignition-Cores in Isalia. Meanwhile other cells within the insurgency have shown a growing interest in ambushing Valkyr Armored Raiding Parties.

Conflict between The Order and The Insurgency typically only occurs when The Order deploys to restore stability after an attack launched by the Insurgency. While the Insurgency is willing to engage The Order in armed conflict when forced, their reluctance to initiate combat with The Order appears to be based on a higher ideal shared by both organizations. This would substantiate the rumors that exiled Sworn-Paladins, high ranking pilots cast out of The Order for various reasons, have been appearing in the cells of the Insurgency.

While the Insurgency seems to be driven by similar motives to The Order, preservation of The Creator's relic, they operate outside of the legal and diplomatic restrictions that The Order is beholden to. This makes them unpredictable at best, and highly dangerous at worst.

As viewed by other factions:

The Order: See The Insurgency as a threat to the stability of Isalia. The unpredictable methods employed by the Insurgency are seen as a threat to the safety of Isalian civilians. Further, The Order maintains tense relationships with the Valkyr Garrison and The Syndicate, who have often come under attack by the Insurgency. This puts pressure on The Order to deploy Paladin pilots in support of 'peacekeeping' operations against Insurgency attacks in Syndicate and Valkyr territory.

The Valkyr: Current intelligence suggests that the presence of synths in Isalia is utterly detestable to the Insurgency and that they see the Valkyr as a mockery of the divine Creator's creations. FREYA has all Valkyr on order to repay the violence in kind, viciously attacking any Hashashin they may meet.

The Syndicate: See the Insurgency as a menace that forever plagues Syndicate

operations outside of Kazuko territory. As such, confirmed capture or elimination

of Insurgency members comes with a high bounty reward within The Syndicate.

A recovered report marked for disposal from Syndicate records. 'Lieutenant Saimyou was using his armored fireteam for synth-trafficking, we all knew it. That day the Hashashin struck, with such ruthless efficiency, we arrived as the last of his team was being cut down. However when my team responded, the Hashashin support drones fired only a few bursts of suppressive fire before exfiltration as the insurgents made their escape. The Hash had a decisive tactical advantage that day. From the key terrain, their fields of fire would have inflicted grave casualties on my fireteam as they withdrew. But, near as I can tell, they chose not to. Our Captain has called them "terrorist murderers" but I don't see it. That said, I'm sure Captain Hiyoshi was taking his own cut from the synth-trafficking.

~Post Combat After Action Report, Kyodai-Lieutenant Sougen

Writing credits: William Neill, Terrance Mobley. 2021

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