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Revenant Mech, RPG Mode, Tabletop Simulator and more...

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Greetings all! I hope you are well as you read this. Due to some life events, content updates for ignition:core have slowed down in recent weeks. Here, I am hoping to get everyone all caught up on recent developments, what’s going on behind the scenes, as well as some upcoming releases and long-term development goals.

Our most recent accomplishment has been getting the Oni vs Paladin faction ignition:core module launched on Tabletop Simulator. We are happy to announce that this module is 100% free though Tabletop Simulator will be required to play it. This module will allow two players to play the full game, with a complete Armored Fireteam from either the Oni faction, or the Paladin faction. You can get the module here.

Next, we have the Revenant mech coming soon to the Nephilim faction.

This gorgeous mini is intended to depict a downed Nephilim Relic Warlord Class Mech, returned through manipulations of the Eden Core’s energy by the Dark Paladin’s ‘Revenant’ ability. It can also stand in as an alternate sculpt for the Nephilim, though we intend to get this mech its own unique rules once we have sufficient playtest data. The 3D files are already at the resin caster for production and preorders will be up soon at

Next, I’d like to talk a bit about life events and the future of the studio moving forward. As some of you in the community know, I am transitioning out of the military after over a decade of active-duty service. My studio initially started as a side project in September of 2019. This saw me working late into the night after long work days, and eventually forming Ignition Core Games LLC in September of 2020, along with the launch of a small-batch online miniatures retail store. Since then I have had the tremendous pleasure of watching the community grow on Instagram, Facebook, and Discord.

Now the military chapter of my life is ending, and a new family member is on the way (due in April) bringing both positive changes and a few temporary challenges as I make the life transition. As I type this, my dog Scruffy is recovering from his second leg surgery this year, my wife is 17 weeks pregnant, I am going through all my Veterans Affairs (VA) processes, and my house is being partially torn down and rebuilt to remodel the studio. As a result, I’ve not had the time or energy to keep up with regular social media content, as I would like to. However, I have accomplished quite a bit behind the scenes. In the coming months, I will be able to focus on the studio full time, bringing more tactical anime mecha miniatures gaming to you all!

The RPG mode (tentatively titled ignition:core Eden, End of Exodus) is well into development. My goal is to have a playable demo, spanning three encounters, available for print and play download by the end of the year. The end goal is to work up to a Kickstarter campaign once all three acts are completed, but to make the content available to the community in some form as soon as each act is playable. Each act will be a 15-encounter solo/coop experience, with a robust new game+ mode that will allow players to alter the fate of their heroes in new and exciting ways. With that, we have a teaser for a new model coming just for this campaign [teaser pics here]

Additionally, we have an experimental new scale intended as an optional add-on for the RPG mode. A few details are still being worked on for this mecha, but it will have a massive tabletop presence. Behold, the Paladin Warlord Class Mech in this glorious heroic scale:

​(First print prototype. Mecha is on a 75mm base. Hero/Pilot is on a 30mm base)

And the first versions of the Hero/Pilot miniature for when the RPG forces you to dismount and fight on foot:

(I am working hard to blend elements of fantasy and sci fi for this massive project)

More Heroes sculpts will be coming soon in this scale. Further, the RPG mode is intended to remain fully compatible with the Chibi minis designed for the skirmish mode. Lastly, with four very distinct core factions established, we are planning on releasing more ways for you to customize your faction of choice. More on that soon.

As things level off during this transition period, I will gradually return to my normal update and release schedule. Meanwhile I appreciate the ongoing support and encouragement from you all in the community!



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