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Happy New Year from Ignition Core Games!

Thank you all for your love and support during 2022! This has been the best year so far for us, and we have even better things coming. Seeing many of you in person at conventions, and hearing firsthand how much you've enjoyed the gameplay and miniatures was an overwhelmingly positive experience. This past year we made it to Reapercon and Lone Star Game Expo. In 2023 we are hoping to add at least two more conventions to the schedule. We will update further on that as we lock down tables at venues.

Our first major iteration of our flagship game, ignition:core is here in the form of the Ignition 1.0 Combat Scenario update pack. As promised, this is free to all. The five new Matched Play combat scenarios come with a new and more dynamic scoring system. Further, this does not invalidate the initial combat scenarios (all Zero Edition combat scenarios remain intact and 'current'), though I am confident you will want to play the new scenarios! Also, the initiative phase has an optional (though arguably superior) set of revamped rules that make it far less swingy. While the feedback on the original system was very enthusiastic, almost everyone agreed that a bad dice roll could be crippling. The new initiative system retains everything that was fun and dynamic about the original version, while simultaneously reducing the random luck factor and giving both players even more tactical agency.

Shining Heroes continues to grow and develop. Playtesting has been both productive and fun and the miniatures are just beautiful. The beta rules are on track to be made available (for free download) by the end of Q1 2023. And if you want to support the project directly, you can purchase the minis here.

More announcements are coming next year. For now though, I would like to reflect with gratitude on 2022.

Both ignition:core and Magical Girl Assault demoed well at the game tables. Nothing is more rewarding as a game designer, than seeing people enjoying your games first hand.

Thanks to Justin Smith with Black Crown Minis for entering and placing in the Reapercon MSP Open, painting contest. Hopefully we see even more of our minis in the contest next year!

Our local DFW game store, Hero Quest Games has also provided tremendous support, both for organized gaming, as well as a brick and mortar retail location. If you're in the Dallas-Fort Worth area I highly recommend you check them out and support local small business!

Lone Star Game Expo was a surprisingly good experience. Though it was nowhere near the size of Reapercon, I was very pleasantly surprised with the strong showing and positive reactions from those who took the time to demo ignition:core. I'll remember my own table cloth next year! (rookie move, Will...)

On a rare personal note, this year also marked a major transition for me. From active duty Marine to civilian and father. The left picture was me arriving home on my last day in. The one on the right is a more recent one of my little man. I could not be happier. :)

Lastly, I have so many of you to thank! More than I can possibly remember. (Apologies if I miss your name on this list)

Heriberto Valle Martinez, first and foremost. Your sculpting gives these minis the curbside appeal that draws many to the game. Because of this, so many people have gotten to experience ignition:core who might not have.

Rachel Frost with Stardust Miniatures who has brought so many of the minis to life with her studio painting when I was just too swamped to get my brushes out. (You should definitely contact her if you need a commission painter)

All of my devoted play-testers, customers and fans of the game. My supportive wife. My friends in the industry who provided resources and mentorship. Razortree Productions and Team Drew's Basement for filming and posting battle reports.

Aaaaaand... before this starts to sound like an awards ceremony speech, I will wrap this up by wishing you all the best for 2023. Get your free Ignition 1.0 update here. Join the community on Discord here. Catch myself and Heriberto Streaming on Sundays here. (Next ignition stream is on 8 January 2023) Happy New Year everyone! Have fun! Be safe! And I look forward to catching up with you guys next year!

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