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Come see us at Reapercon!

Hey all! Reapercon 2022 is fast approaching and we could not be more excited.

Reapercon 2021 was Ignition Core Games' first exposure to the gaming convention scene and it was a tremendously rewarding experience. After many late nights designing and developing a game from scratch, it was wonderful to see so many people thoroughly enjoy ignition:core, and I am looking forward to bringing it back to Reapercon this year.

Ignition Core Games will be partnering up with MidKnight Heroes again. Brian and his team gave us tremendous support last year and we look forward to working with them all again in 2022.

Also, our partner studio Marchen Atelier will be on deck to promote our collaboration project, Magical Girl Assault, along with our flagship game, ignition:core.

As part of this promotion, we will be making this great miniature of Scruffy and his raccoon "friend" available to all. More details on that are coming soon.

This year we will be making ignition:core even more accessible with the individual Armored Fireteam boxes. Last year's offering was a good value box that was absolutely packed with highly detailed minis, though the price point was too steep for some. We will still offer our deluxe boxes for those who want to go all out, but for those looking to start small we will offer individual mechs and individual fireteams right out of the MidKnight Heroes booth at a discounted convention rate.

Since we have held your attention thus far, there have been a few updates since the last post in May. Every miniature in the May blog post is now in stock and available at our shop.

This includes the early access minis for the Ignition RPG style dungeon crawler, End of Exodus produced in high quality siocast plastic.

Development for Project Exodus is moving along at a steady clip. Twelve of the fifteen quests have been drafted. Once the final three drafts are complete, I will be returning to the first quest and making a more purposeful pass, with the intent to release episodic content as each quest is fit for release in beta form. This content will be free to download and I will be offering printable standees so that anyone can play, even if they don't purchase the minis. Even your feedback in the beta game will be valuable and I want everyone to be able to enjoy this game. (If you want to be a playtester for the alpha version, email me at with the subject "Exodus Playtester Request")

Getting Project Exodus across the finish line is going to be a mammoth task, but I see no reason to make players wait several years for the experience, when those who want it sooner can download the assets and play the game in various stages of development. Ignition Core Games is dedicated to getting players to the table, and while I can't give away miniatures for free, I will do what I can to get as many players to the table as possible, rolling dice and experiencing the world of Isalia.

If you can't make it to the event, fear not! You can get 10% off your entire order with coupon code "REAPER" effective immediately. And for those of you attending, we look forward to seeing you at Reapercon!

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