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An Ignition update, packed with new miniatures, RPG content and savings for you!

Greetings all! I know it's been awhile since the last update, but this one aims to make up for it with a lot of new up and coming content. Today I will be covering the Ignition RPG project, some new releases for the ignition:core skirmish game as well as what has been done to make ignition:core more accessible to new players.

First off, let's look at how ignition:core has been made more accessible to new players:

All factions now have an Armored Fireteam (or Armored Raiding Party) option that's less than $99 (USD). That is eight high quality resin miniatures, half of which are on large bases, all of which hold high detail and have no hidden purchases because all game rules and faction data-slates are free to download.

Next, we have several new unit entries on the way for ignition:core

These are still in the process of being sculpted, and will be available for preorder later this year. However here are just a few of them.

The Valkyries will be getting an Einherjar infantry model with a deadly and versatile "Breaker-Axe". The Oni faction are getting a combat-synth with a lightweight machinegun capable of high-volume anti-infantry fire. The Paladins will be getting a punchy anti-armor option.

Keep an eye out for these three minis and more, coming soon to the online store. Additionally, draft rules are frequently posted in the official Ignition Core Games discord server. Feel free to join us there!

Lastly, some big news on the ignition RPG. Development continues to progress, and gameplay samples will be released as soon as they are ready. For now you can support this project by picking up the "Project Exodus" miniatures, early access set #1 available for preorder now!

This high quality set of fifteen miniatures is expected to be in stock before the end of June and averages out to less than $10 USD per miniature. And several of these are larger miniatures on 50-75mm bases.

The scale and detail of the mechs is my favorite part of this bundle. Each mech has multiple loadout options detailed on the preorder page.

The heroes have been an absolute blast to design. The design decision was made to go with a more natural scale, while remaining anime inspired.

Heroes will start out injured and missing limbs. The aim is to capture an immersive survival feel. Mechs will be of greater protection to our injured pilots, offering armor and firepower. Just be sure to conserve fuel and ammo.

Isalia is a dangerous place. The "Draugr" tend to inhabit ruined buildings and dark places that you may need to access on foot. A mech may make quick work of them (if you can spare the ammo) but on foot the Draugr are a dangerous foe to be approached with caution.

Kaijin (suspected to be genetic descendants of the much larger "Kaiju") are larger and more dangerous than the Draugr.

Even embarked on a Mech, you do not want to be low on ammo when encountering these monsters as they still pose a significant threat. Heroes encountering Kaijin while on foot should seriously consider avoiding, evading, or fleeing these creatures without a fight, ...if that's an option.

Lastly, the Virtues. Cold and murderous robots fashioned in the image of angels. Even in a mech, the odds of surviving a fight with a virtue is low.

Sometime pilots have had the narrowly good fortune of running into a Virtue already damaged from a previous fight. Reports indicate that this only marginally improved their odds of survival. Or at least escaping a fight with their lives.

No one knows where the Virtues come from, though it's commonly believed they originate from a holy site in the center of Isalia. No living soul has gone to that site and lived to report on their findings.

That covers the 15 highly detailed miniatures offered in this set. It is important to note, the game itself is in development and the release dates for the modules (Beta pnp and/or final physical copies) are not set yet. My intent is to have playable content out later this year, but for now you can get preorder the minis which are expected to arrive by the end of June

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