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About ignition:core

ignition:core is my passion project. When I was six years old, I first discovered the giant robot anime genre and have been obsessed ever since. Many great mecha games exist, but I never found one that fully captured the magic of the anime mecha genre that I wanted to experience. With ignition:core zero edition, my aim is to change that and create the game that six-year-old Will wished he had. This is a mech game that puts you in the role of both mech pilot and leader of a Freelance Armored Fireteam, a band of soldiers for hire in the world of Isalia.

I want my players to experience a tightly balanced, immersive and fun game of intense tactical mech combat with gorgeous minis. After years of conceptualizing this, I finally decided to start development and playtesting. As a result, I have made a game I believe you will love.

With time, I will mold ignition:core into an even more multifaceted experience driven by its community. This includes an expansive world, single-player modes, campaign modes and even a JRPG-style campaign mode.

If being a part of this world sounds exciting to you, you can start collecting and building your Freelance Armored Fireteam here at our webstore.

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