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Game Components

Click here for a list of the components required to play ignition:core

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See it Played

Click here to see ignition:core in action, played by the game creator and Razortree Productions

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Our Studio

Click here to read about my small veteran owned and operated game studio.

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The World of Isalia

From the written histories: Millenia ago, a piece of Heaven fell to Earth, a single shard of dense crystal saturated with the Creator's wisdom and power. It was enshrined below the temple in a large, subterranean cathedral, and a prosperous civilization grew around it seemingly overnight. At the top of the temple the Babel tower grew, as if daring to reach Heaven… Then suddenly this civilization vanished from all written history. Historians place the location of this crystal’s descent in the desert plains of Isalia, a barren wasteland that sustains no life.

"Welcome to the colonies, Pilot!“

Emerging from the back of a dingy workshop, a young woman in worn coveralls greets you with a tired smile...


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The Shields of Isalia

Faith, Duty, Justice. (Mercy?)

The Paladin Order, known as 'The Shields of Isalia'  or more simply as 'The Order' to most, believe in a divine duty to protect...

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The Valkyr Garrison

Awaken Valkyrie

Rise to your duty

Take up your lance, your ax, your sword...

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The Exodus Survivors(?)...

“No tree, it is said, can grow to Heaven, unless its roots reach down to Hell.”

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The Daimyōjin Syndicate

For the bloodline, for the family

The Syndicate is an organization formed from several ancient clans under the Daimyōjin monk's religious guidance...


The Hashashin Insurgency

There is one creator, and the Eden-core is his gift.

The true motivations of The Insurgency remain mysterious...

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