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  • I live outside of the United States. Can I get affordable shipping?
    Yes. If your shipping rate seems too high, please contact me at, provide me your address and I will find the best possible shipping rate for your region and manually adjust the rate on the website. (The automatic shipping rate calculator we have is not optimal outside of the United States) Also international shipping is free for orders over a certain amount depending on your region (typically $200 USD or higher unlocks free shipping.)
  • Do you sell 3D files (STLs) of the miniatures from your line?
    We do not offer 3D file sale for minis from the ignition:core line. Magical Girl Assault 3D files can be purchased here
  • Can I buy individual models from your sets?
    Generally, yes. If you want to buy an individual mini that is only listed as part of a set, send an email to Include the subject line "individual miniature purchase request" along with a screen-capture of the specific mini requested and we will make our best efforts to accommodate your request. (As a general rule, individual mech/dropship requests are easy to fulfill. For infantry, we typically can sell them as small as a set of three due to how they're manufactured)
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